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Café Byblos is Houston’s Newest Upscale Mediterranean restaurant that features nightly dinner shows and belly dancing.

The name, Café Byblos, comes from the oldest inhabited city in the world, according to owner Assad Boulos. “The city of Byblos dates back over 7,000 years. Long before Greece and Rome, this city was a powerful, independent city-state, with its own king, culture and flourishing trade.

It is located on the coast of present-day Lebanon, about 23 miles north of Beirut, and is still a dynamic city with many famous local attractions, including world-renowned restaurants,” stated Boulos. “The people of Byblos have maintained their legacy of fine dining from their heritage as the center of the Adonis cult, the god of vegetation, who dies in winter and is renewed each spring. The meals here at Café Byblos can only be described as a feast.Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!.
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We offer family atmosphere great tasting food with the finest and freshest ingredients with a special touch of home-style cooking. That will fit for your low fat low calories diet or just want to eat a healthier meal. “We serve Mediterranean classics like Hummos, Tabuli, Fatoush, Stuffed Grape Leaves and are Beef/Chicken Kababs, perfect for a business lunch or late night dining, with an outdoor patio for our one of a kind Hookas.

We Cater For All Occasions!
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We Open Thursday thru Saturday, from 5:00pm to 2:00am